Newly Published Work!

I’m writing to share an exciting new project I’m proud to be a part of and….my first published illustration!! Here’s a sneak peak of part of the work, which was done in papercut.

Detail of The Black Seed, papercut

The Black Seed is written by producer, director, and screenwriter, Audrey Ewell and is a serialized fiction story available by monthly subscription on Patreon.

The story: 

A woman wakes in a seemingly abandoned city, her memory gone. The only clue to her situation is a cryptic note. She sets out to investigate who and where she is, but finds increasingly strange clues to both, in a place that is neither empty, nor what it seems.

Plus: Original Art! 

Each month a different artist will make an original piece, inspired by the chapter. I’m the artist for chapter three. The artists are given tremendous freedom in their interpretations of the writing, receive a portion of that month’s proceeds, and retain their copyright.

We’re genuinely excited about this project and I hope you’ll check it out, sign up, and tell your discerning (18+) friends about it.

Published by Kalmia Hill Arts

I am an artist, writer, poet, tree-hugger, mother, and licensed clinical social worker.

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